Stop Making Yourself Small

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Dark Fantasy World

Self-doubt began to overshadow my creativity. I doubted the strength of my voice. I wondered if anyone even cared about the things I wanted to create anymore. I carried a lot of hurt and pain, and those dark feelings made it harder and harder to reach out and connect with people. What should have been the greatest achievement of my life felt more and more like a burden I’d somehow forced myself to carry.

The Broken Blade is Published!

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Seeker - The Broken Blade

The Broken Blade: A BATTLE MAGE REBORN (Book 2)… …is now live on It’s been a few weeks since the release of The Broken Blade. The early reception has been amazing!The Broken Blade starts on the slopes of the Frostwind Mountains Greetings, Travelers! A few months before release, subscribers of My Newsletter received a link to a special sneak peek of The Broken Blade. They got a chance to travel with Denton as he braved the ice and snow of the Frostwind Mountains in his search for the Pristine Snowthistles he’d been tasked to find. The book is now live on Amazon and early Travelers have really enjoyed continuing with Denton on his journey through EndWorld Everlasting. They know … Read More

The Broken Blade: An Update

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The Broken Blade - Cover Art

Finally! An update! It’s been several, long months since my last update. Unfortunately, I think it almost goes without saying… 2020 was a very rough year for most of us. My year was no exception. You see, my last job was in a 24/7 Operations environment. It was stressful, and not many folks there were happy. And what do people do when they are unhappy? Well, they leave. They find something else. Something that might make them a little less unhappy, a little more free to pursue the things they enjoy. But what happens if they want to leave, yet can’t find somewhere else to go? Well, I suppose they become bitter over time. The next thing you know, you … Read More

The Broken Blade and Other News

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Footprints in snow along a mountain ridge.

The Broken Blade is the second book in the A Battle Mage Reborn series and picks up after the bonus chapter of Second Chance. (I hope you kept reading after the Author Notes!) The opening scene is set with Denton trekking through the snow. Alone. With the lands surrounding Fort Morrow at his back.