What if you could guarantee life after death?

Denton Wade is dying.

And Cyberternal Industries has the answer. An answer he isn’t willing to accept: life everlasting in a game world of fantasy, swords, and magic.

EndWorld Everlasting. A man-made afterlife. It goes against everything he’s always believed in.

But there might still be hope. And hope is a very dangerous thing.

Far below their headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Cyberternal has been working on a secret medical program. A program made available to Denton though his personal, if not complicated, connection to an Assistant Vice President at the powerful company.

After agreeing to undergo the procedure, Denton finds himself awakening to a strange, new world. A world he never wanted.

Second Chance is the first book in the series: A Battle Mage Reborn, and is a GameLit Fantasy Adventure with soft LitRPG elements set in the digital world of EndWorld Everlasting.

Editorial Reviews


The book is a bit softer on the LitRPG elements but is a solid addition to the genre. Very much fits under Gamelit. An enjoyable read, read it last night.”  –Aaron Holloway, Author of Ethria: The Pioneer, an Epic LitRPG Adventure

“Wonderful. I read it in one evening. Can’t wait for the next book.” –John Laughlin, Amazon Customer
“I’ve left very few reviews and mainly for established authors I really like. This story though left me upset the next book isn’t already out I can’t wait to dive back into the story. Usually it’s just I want to continue the story. With this story I need more please hurry and get the next book out!”  –-Brandon Shelley, Amazon Customer

“Overcoming self-doubt, adversity, and understanding oneself. This book forces you to see that each step in a new unfamiliar world is a struggle. That scars don’t just go away and scars are not always visible. You’re taken on a journey to struggle to stand and I foresee the next book about learning to stand straight again. I look forward to this progress.”  —BrianS, Amazon Customer

“I loved the book very much, it had very good and relatable characters. It was nice to see the m.c. have so many doubts and fears and how he worked through them to fight in the end. I so look forward to the next book in the series.”  –James Richardson, Amazon Customer