The Broken Blade: A Review by A Kupel Books

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The Broken Blade - Cover Art

Greetings, Travelers! I am happy to share with you all a LitRPG review for The Broken Blade by the YouTube channel, A Kupel Books. I am personally very impressed by Kupel’s (pronounced Couple) run down. You can really tell he is excited about the book and the series as a whole.

Please take a few minutes to check out A Kupel Book’s review and be sure to hit that thumbs up icon!

Be sure to watch A Kupel Books Review for The Broken Blade!

Did you enjoy Kupel’s hot take on The Broken Blade?

I encourage you all to leave him a comment on his video and let him know what you thought. This is your chance to help spread the word about my ongoing LitRPG series, A Battle Mage Reborn.

Although, I must ask, please be careful of leaving any spoilers. As I mentioned in my Author Notes, big things are coming to EndWorld Everlasting and I’ve left several small clues here and there within the two books that have been published so far. There are also some very spoiler-sensitive developments in each book that could sour the reading experience of other potential fans.



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