The Weakest Frost Mage Available for Preorder!

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The Weakest Frost Mage
The Weakest Frost Mage is Available for Preorder!

Zachary Smith plays a powerful Barbarian in the world of Kingdoms Unbound.

Killing bosses and scoring loot isn’t just a fun pastime. For Zack and his party, it’s a way of life. It’s how they make their living. Before he can log in, however, one thing stands in his way.

Homework. Yuck.

While working on his assignment, he learns about a magical place. EndWorld Everlasting, a game world afterlife with monsters and quests and loot. Even though Zack has no plans of dying any time soon, it sounds like heaven on Earth, and it’s just what he needs to finish his assignment and log into the game. His party is already waiting for him in Kingdoms Unbound.

Zack doesn’t plan on dying, but when he does, he finds himself awakening to the world of his dreams. EndWorld Everlasting, a game for the dead.

And yet, something is wrong. He no longer feels like the powerful avatar he played in Kingdoms Unbound. Instead, he finds himself just as he is. A kid. Lost and alone… and weak.

Now he must choose his weapon and walk a new path. His eyes linger on the mighty battleaxe, but he knows he lacks the strength to wield it. When he chooses the staff, he unwittingly begins his journey as The Weakest Frost Mage.

The Weakest Frost Mage is the first book in the series: Magus Rising, and is a GameLit Dark Fantasy Adventure with soft LitRPG elements set in the digital world of EndWorld Everlasting.

This book will release on August 3rd, 2023.

Preorder your copy on Amazon today!

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