Stupid Mistakes – NFT

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Stupid Mistakes - an NFT by R. Brady Frost
Stupid Mistakes - an NFT by R. Brady Frost

This is a one of a kind digital art piece.

I've entitled this piece: Stupid Mistakes. It is my hope that the artwork evokes feelings of conflict, while reminding us that some Stupid Mistakes can be Happy Accidents.

Life is full of Stupid Mistakes. When they work out, we tend to call them happy accidents. When they don't, well... at best, we hope we can learn from them and move on.

This is the second NFT produced by R. Brady Frost, author of the science fiction and fantasy series, A Battle Mage Reborn, and includes an exlusive peek into his writing journey in the form of an audio file included in the unlockable content.

File size is large enough to support professional printing so you can hang a physical copy of this art piece on your wall.

The NFT includes unlockable content. You can find it: here.

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